早稲田大学 文化構想学部 JCulP AO入試 英文志望理由書 提出例 (芳川 泰久 教授参考) 

早稲田大学 文化構想学部 JCulP AO入試 英文志望理由書 提出例 (芳川 泰久 教授参考) 


-Academic Subject- 


Wherever we travel, most likely people reading on the beach are French. What do they read about so much and why are they so obsessed with the idea “Natural”? French literature from the first half of the century was dominated by Romanticism, which is associated with such authors as Victor Hugo, Alexandre Dumas, père, François-René de Chateaubriand, and many others to name. On the other hand, on the contrary to the romantic lust side of history, France went through Realism and social revolution just like the rest of the world. It is said that Honoré de Balzac was a famous French writer who started the movement. He was a French novelist in the 19th-century known for writing about an unfiltered view of society and a founder of the new phase of literature history. He is well known for his series of novels called “The Human Comedy” aimed at making as detailed portrayal as possible of the French society. Influences from Realism and later Naturalism shape the underlying philosophy of modern French society, and it is enlightening to study the history of literature as it helps us understand why people feel and think the way they do.


-Why JCulP?-


Here is my gratitude for the opportunity given, and I do my best to summarize how I came to the decision of applying for JCulP at Waseda University. I understand this is an extremely unique program offered by a prestigious school promoting students to receive education in English, obtain competitive communication skills in a dynamic international environment, and extensively study Japanese cultures from broad perspectives in comparison to other cultures. It is truly encouraging, because in order for us to shine in an increasingly competitive world after graduation, we must acquire diverse skills. For example, language skills to express better than computers and translation machines, international mindset and cultural flexibility, specialized expertise in one thing with broad understanding of the broad topics, digital adoption, character and cultural roots. In fact, I am looking for a program that can facilitate my plan to acquire academic English skills and pursue courses in Comparative cultural studies, Japanese History, International Business and open up my career path. 




With regards to what motivated me to look for an unconventional study program, it is because of what I discovered when I took part in a cultural exchange program. My biggest findings were (A) Length of mandatory education varies in different countries (B) Education programs and content are very unique to each country and some countries only study very brief history about Japan (C) Japan used to be the main subject of Asian study, however, the rest of Asia has outgrown us and we can learn from them (D) Whichever content we encounter on the internet, media news or textbook, majority of them has been translated and biased, meaning original interpretation may differ and our thoughts are controlled. Being able to understand original content in English without bias and taking control of what I process would have a huge impact on my lifetime intelligence. 


As mentioned, many other Asian countries have outgrown Japan and it is truly humbling. Yet, many young people are indifferent to the reality, reluctant to travel abroad and take challenges, moreover don’t even take the pride in understanding their roots. So naturally, when we are put in a same bowl as the rest of the world, we are very inappreciative and incompetent. So how can we stay relevant? Especially because International climate seems unstable, it is wise to look at the past, embrace history and learn from mistakes. Therefore, I find the school’s philosophy, student demography and curriculum very attractive. I also strongly believe that discussion and presentation based classes promote active thinking and would really help improve communication skills. Because of this, I am only considering JCulP or attending a school overseas as my potential bachelor options.


To summarize, in my belief the best kind of schooling is, the kind that combines the advantages of Western teaching that cultivates non-passive thinking and intensive study of Japanese heritage. As we fear, cultural borders are blurred and we are turned into followers on social media, but having understanding of how the world worked till now is the first step to develop digital wisdom and live a civilized life. With a prospect that the world will continue to invent, studying one thing may not promise a bright future, however, in order for me to equip myself with what is needed to secure opportunities in the age of globalization, I am very thrilled to join other like-minded students at Waseda next year. 


Thank you very much for taking the time to read and I am looking forward to your reply. I would be more than grateful if you could continue to read and allow me to proceed. During the in-person interview, I would be delighted to expand more on my area of studies, personal background and what I wish to achieve with the curriculum.






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